About Diehl Accounting

About the business

Diehl Accounting is my accounting business which operates in the north end industrial area of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.   My focus is on providing exceptional service to owner-managed businesses.  I offer bookkeeping, preparing and filing GST and PST returns, business plans, financial statement compilations, and personal and corporate income tax services at competitive rates.   I also offer ‘Year End Clean Ups’ where year end adjustments are provided prior to sending it to your existing accountant.

Diehl Accounting began in November 2009, and has been growing ever since.   My clients are in a number of industries, ranging from medical to automotive, to construction, to clothing boutiques.


  • Compilations, and Financial statements
  • Personal and Corporate Income tax returns and related services
  • Bookkeeping, GST and PST filings
  • Year end Clean Ups (year end entries are calculated, and the file is examined prior to sending it to your existing accountant.)
  • Business Plans

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